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An excellent way to get extra cash monthly is by signing up as an affiliate. It’s not the simplest method to generate money, depending on who you ask. Did you know that some earn more than six figures annually through affiliate links?

They proved that it was doable. You can do the same. I searched the internet for the 10 best ways to promote your affiliate links. 15% of the total income from online creative content is generated via Affiliate marketing. That tells us there is a lot of money out there just screaming to be made.

However, why do certain affiliate links generate hundreds of dollars in revenue while others are basically ignored? That’s because the offer and the way of promotion are equally vital.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 10 best ways to promote affiliate links:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Product reviews
  3. A free email course
  4. Offer discounts and promotions to your email list
  5. A podcast episode notes
  6. Pinterest
  7. YouTube
  8. TikTok
  9. Facebook
  10. Affiliate Banners

Keep reading if you want to know how to subtly promote affiliate links in a way your audience will appreciate.

How does affiliate links work?

Affiliate links are unique URLs that you will use to monitor the traffic that comes from your page and goes to the company’s website.

Each affiliate marketer has a unique URL that includes identifiers unique to them, such as their username, a random string of numbers and characters, or some other method of authentication.

Your affiliate program receives a record every time a website visitor clicks one of your affiliate links, allowing you to keep track of data like clicks, sales, and affiliate commissions.

The visitor will naturally pay you a commission only if they complete a purchase, but you could also get rewarded for leads.

Affiliate marketing programs use cookies to track activities in addition to your unique ID in the URL. A cookie is a text file downloaded to a reader’s computer when they click one of your affiliate links.

If they purchase a product during the cookie duration period, this cookie logs the user’s activities and rewards your affiliate account with the transaction (typically 30-90 days).

Top 10 Ways to Promote Affiliate Links

A study indicated that publishers said affiliate links brought in more money for their websites than other promotion types. It is a result of the availability of several strategies, platforms, campaigns, and content types for promoting affiliate links.

Promote your affiliate links in these top 10 places to get started on the path to success as a blogger 

Blog posts

Your blog posts have an audience that enjoys reading about your genuine product evaluations, thoughts, viewpoints, and the resources you use as a creator, so they are excellent places to start pushing your affiliate links.

Bloggers may promote affiliate links in their blog articles by integrating their videos with a promotion for that link, adding visuals with an outbound affiliate link, or directly connecting to them as a backlink.

Show how much this product has benefited you and how it could help them with a particular issue or difficulty they are facing to let your audience know what the advantage of this product is to them.

Product reviews

A common form of content for affiliate marketing is product reviews. In general, the assumption is that anyone reading product reviews is only moments away from making a purchase.

If you can capitalize on that upcoming transaction with your affiliate link, it’s a simple method to make money on things people would buy anyhow. The key is reviewing the products with a high conversion rate, reliable commissions, and sufficient volume to generate a sizeable amount of cash.

It’s not rocket science to write a product review that converts well. However, it does take some time to try, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Use affiliate links often, but not aggressively. To successfully promote affiliate links, use anchor language that piques interest in the page behind the link. The promise of beneficial information is made, for instance, by wording like “this particular [product type]” or “view more photos.”

A free course

One of the best methods to advertise affiliate links is through courses. The reader is ready to absorb your lessons. They invested in the course because they believe you will provide a solution to an issue they are now experiencing.

Those who buy or download your free course are more likely to click on and purchase your recommended items if your course impresses them, particularly if you demonstrate how that product is a component of the solutions.

I like to incorporate affiliate links like this in my courses:

1. Within the course content – I’ll include it as an affiliate link or graphic picture if it’s a proper tool or resource. If it feels right, I’ll do a brief video tour emphasizing the main advantages and how it helps with the current issue.

2. As part of a list of suggested tools and resources that you can download separately. It includes both URLs and embedded links, both within the course itself.

3. Videos that demonstrate a problem-solving technique: I include the links in the notes section that follows the video embed.

Offer discounts and promotions to your email list.

One strategy that is effective in the near term but harms your brand and reputation is pretending something is limited, which is particularly difficult if you want to develop a clientele of loyal customers.

However, there is a fantastic opportunity for you as an affiliate to take advantage of natural scarcity:

Offers and discounts that end soon.

You may share those timely deals through email whenever your favorite business announces a seasonal sale or provides discount coupons for affiliates.

This tactic may be successful because email converts better than almost any other marketing medium and has a built-in sense of urgency. The secret is to routinely email the list, not only when you want to advertise a product.

A podcast episode notes

Did you know that one of the best strategies for many influencers and subject-matter experts to make money from affiliate links is through podcasts?

Take the use of podcasts’ strength as a powerful personal branding tool. It’s not just words on a page that the listener takes in. They either agree or disagree with the way you communicate.

By telling stories and experiences, you allow others to get to know you as well. Podcasts make it much simpler to establish credibility and trust.

There are two ways to share affiliate links with podcasts:

1. Read out your affiliate links.
2. Mention the product in the show’s notes and during the broadcast.


Despite being categorized as social media, according to industry insiders, Pinterest is more like a search engine than anything else.

The most incredible thing is that, compared to Google, Pinterest has far less competition for people to see your material.

Additionally, Pinterest prefers new stuff. It makes it much simpler to get early visitors to your website, while Google is hesitant to trust your domain.

Pinners—the term for Pinterest users—are uninterested visitors. You must use Pinterest to develop an email list and produce content that is made to rank on Pinterest if you want to be successful with affiliate marketing on the platform.

It’s nice to get clicks from Pinterest on affiliate links, but the true power of Pinterest is in growing a following that will probably make future purchases from you.


Without discussing YouTube, we can’t talk about boosting affiliate links. Affiliate connections make it easier for YouTube producers to submit videos because it is getting more and more expensive to grow a following on the platform.


You won’t have any trouble persuading folks to utilize your affiliate link if you’re one of the fortunate ones with a sizable YouTube following. Include a mention of it in the description of each video you have and in the video itself. It’s crucial to remember that you shouldn’t discuss it for too long or in each video.


TikTok is a fantastic location to promote things, so I’ve included it in my list of strategies for promoting affiliate links as an honorable mention.

Similar to Instagram, Linktree-style links or landing pages are the easiest methods to publish affiliate links on TikTok.

A business account is required if you want a clickable link on your profile. All you have to do is to include your affiliate link in your description.


Facebook is a simple method for simultaneously promoting your affiliate link to thousands of individuals. You can post anything about your brand on a Facebook business page. It might involve sharing pictures, doing surveys, and interacting with readers.

Another option is a Facebook group. These online forums for specific topics might be public or private. While your Facebook group can be especially for your blog or business, it can be more advantageous to establish a community for your particular industry.

Keeping with the idea of establishing a blog for home improvements, you might start a Facebook group for low-cost interior decorating.

Affiliate Banners

You may add sidebar and banner ads from many affiliate programs to your website.

While contextual links often outperform banners in terms of generating purchases, both have their place.

Use banners sparingly since they appear more commercial than contextual links and are often ignored by visitors. They nonetheless also hold true for other promotional methods, including social media and email marketing.

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Final Thoughts

You may advertise your connections in a variety of methods, as was mentioned above. Do not be afraid to use social media in unusual ways. I sincerely hope that this manual provided you with a number of actionable suggestions.

That’s all I could write for now and I hope that someone managed to find a solution for themselves for a better and more successful online business. If anyone wants to contact me, you can leave a comment, and I will try to answer as soon as possible.:-) Zveki.

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