Wealthy Affiliate Review 2023: Your Guide to Making Money Online

Are you tired of the traditional 9-to-5 grind and looking for a way to break free from the constraints of a regular job? Do you dream of financial independence and the flexibility to work on your own terms? 

Imagine building a lucrative business from scratch with no experience or technical knowledge needed. That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate, the premier platform for internet entrepreneurs, offers. 

how does affiliate marketing work

But what exactly sets Wealthy Affiliate apart? 

It’s their uncompromising commitment to your success. 

They believe tomorrow should always be better than today and constantly strive to make that a reality. Behind the scenes, a passionate and brilliant team works tirelessly to enhance how people do business online.

Whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home parent, or simply someone looking for additional income streams, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and actionable steps to kickstart your journey toward online success.

Wealthy Affiliate In Short

  • What: Affiliate marketing training platform
  • What will you learn: How to build a successful and sustainable online business
  • Since when: 2005.
  • By whom: Kyle and Carson
  • From: Canada
  • Pricing: Free Starter Plan + $49.00/month Premium Plan + $99.00/month Premium Plus Plan
  • Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? No.


Topics we are going to cover

  1. What Lies Within the Wealthy Affiliate Oasis?
  2. How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?
  3. How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?
  4. Is Wealthy Affiliate for You?
  5. Scam or Scintillating Success? Debunking the Myths of Wealthy Affiliate
  6. How Soon Will the Cash Flow?
  7. Do I Wholeheartedly Recommend Wealthy Affiliate?
  8. The Final Curtain Call: Concluding Our Odyssey

What is the Wealthy Affiliate?

When it comes to conquering the world of affiliate marketing and creating a booming online business, there’s one name that stands head and shoulders above the rest – Wealthy Affiliate!

A thriving community of over 2.6 million go-getters, just like you and me, all craving to unlock the secrets of making money online. Wealthy Affiliate brings together a powerhouse of individuals, united in their quest for financial independence.

Now, hold on tight because here’s the deal: Wealthy Affiliate is your ultimate guide to kickstarting an online empire through affiliate marketing. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey towards passive income, as we unveil the best-kept strategies in the biz!

But wait, there’s more! Feast your eyes on the treasure trove of features that await you within the illustrious Wealthy Affiliate platform:

  1. Dazzling Affiliate Marketing Training: Step-by-step guidance to transform you into an affiliate marketing virtuoso!
  2. Web Wizardry: Websites, hosting, and domains – the holy trinity that sets your digital kingdom in motion!
  3. Keyword Alchemy: Unleash the power of precision with our cutting-edge keyword research tool!
  4. Round-the-Clock Assistance: Live help and tech support are at your fingertips, ensuring you never feel stranded in the vast online wilderness.
  5. Electrifying Community: Join forces with a thriving tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs, igniting inspiration and collaboration!
  6. Cha-Ching Affiliate Program: Prepare to fill your coffers as you promote Wealthy Affiliate to others and revel in lucrative rewards!
  7. Enthralling Classes: Unlock a treasure trove of knowledge through our live weekly classes, packed with actionable insights and industry secrets!
  8. Personalized Mentorship: A master at your side, guiding you towards greatness with unrivaled 1-on-1 mentorship.
  9. Earn while You Learn: Experience the unique “Earn while Learn” system, where knowledge and profit intertwine in perfect harmony!

But hold your horses, there’s a secret twist! Wealthy Affiliate is not just an educational powerhouse, it’s also your one-stop hub for website creation and hosting. 

Brace yourself for the mind-blowing Website Builder, where your dreams become reality, and your first website comes to life, completely FREE of charge!


Buckle up, my friend, because Wealthy Affiliate is your ticket to success. No more scouring the vast abyss of the internet for scattered information and half-hearted advice. 

With Wealthy Affiliate, everything you need is wrapped up in a single, awe-inspiring package. It’s an opportunity that’s simply priceless.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the ranks of the elite and unleash your inner entrepreneur with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s time to soar to new heights and make your online business dreams a reality!

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work: 4 Simple Steps

Curious about the inner workings of the Wealthy Affiliate? 

Well, I’m about to reveal the juicy details in a way that will leave you craving for more. Prepare to be dazzled by the simplicity and effectiveness of this platform.

Step 1 – Unleash Your Passion and Find Your Niche

Forget about mundane tasks and get ready to dive into the world of your true passions

Whether you’re into cooking up a storm, shedding those extra pounds, or even pampering your furry friends, Wealthy Affiliate has got your back. It’s all about choosing what truly ignites your inner fire, and the training within this platform will guide you every step of the way.

For instance, when I embarked on my journey, I focused on the thrilling realm of a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Through my blog, I empowered people to start living their lives to their fullest potential by leading a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy food. 

You might be surprised to learn that those seemingly ordinary websites you shop from daily are cash cows for their owners. 

And that’s precisely what the Wealthy Affiliate platform aims to teach you – how to craft a captivating website that entices visitors to not only buy from you but become your loyal customers.

Step 2 – Unleash Your Website in a Snap

Creating a website may sound like a daunting task, but fear not! With Wealthy Affiliate, it’s as effortless as snapping your fingers. 

In a mere 30 seconds, voila! 

Your website emerges, ready to be filled with your captivating content.

Within a minute, you’ll have a profit-ready WordPress website at your fingertips, awaiting your creative touch.

Step 3 – Summon the Traffic and Ignite the Frenzy

Drawing in the masses requires a touch of finesse, but fret not, my friend. All it takes is patience and a sprinkle of time. 

How can you captivate the attention of eager visitors, you ask?

Well, by delving into the depths of Google and uncovering the secret desires of your audience.

Imagine this: you, like countless others, embark on a daily quest through the labyrinth of Google searches. Perhaps you seek ways to shed those pesky pounds before summer, or maybe you’re in desperate need of a cardboard table. Whatever the case may be, you’ve stumbled upon a list of websites that have expertly covered your interests.

Now, here’s where you come in. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to craft engaging content that fulfills these desires. 

And how do you discover what people are yearning for? 

It’s simple, my friend. Not easy, but simple, and it’s exactly what the Wealthy Affiliate training excels at teaching you!

Prepare to unravel the secrets of SEO optimization, the key to unlocking a flood of visitors to your blog.

Step 4 – Dance with the Dollars: Affiliate Marketing Magic

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the grand finale where the cash comes rolling in. 

When it comes to monetizing your website, the possibilities are endless. You can dabble in the world of Google Ads, where each click pads your pockets with hard-earned cash. Additionally, if your site becomes a powerhouse, generating a monthly income of $2000 to $3000, you have the option to sell it for a jaw-dropping $30,000 to $40,000!

But wait, there’s more! 

The true gem lies in the art of affiliate marketing. 

You promote certain products or services, and with each successful sale, your pockets grow heavier with those delightful percentages. 

It’s a never-ending stream of passive income that keeps on giving.

Ready to embark on this exhilarating journey? 

Join Wealthy Affiliate today and experience the magic for yourself – and the best part? You can go check the platform for free, no credit card is required!

Note: Don’t worry if you’re new to website creation or marketing; Wealthy Affiliate’s training is designed for beginners like you. Step-by-step guidance awaits you as you venture into the exciting world of online business.

What To Do First?

When you sign up for the WA platform, you’ll quickly realize how easy it is to use. Everything is conveniently located in one place, ensuring you won’t get lost. 

The image below showcases the platform’s interface, which is the homepage you’ll see after successfully registering.


As a beginner on the platform, you only need to follow two simple steps:

  1. Watch the Get Started video: Kyle, the platform’s creator, will walk you through the basics and explain how the platform and training work.
  2. Learn How To Make Money: This Level 1 training consists of five beginner lessons that teach you how to earn money online using your website and affiliate marketing.

Once you’ve completed these two steps, you’ll want to upgrade to a Premium membership. This will grant you access to comprehensive training, support, and mentoring. More information about Premium can be found below.

Do I Have to Pay Something for the Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, but the free membership only provides a test drive. To gain full access to the platform, training, and community, you’ll need to upgrade to their premium membership. 

Here you can find all the pricing info:

Starter – For beginners

$0 / month

Premium – Most Popular


Premium Plus – For Pros


Training Training Training
Certification Core Training

Level 1

Certification Core Training

Level 1-5 (50 lessons)

Certification Core Training

Level 1-5 (50 lessons)

Bootcamp Core Training

Level 1

Bootcamp Core Training

Level 1-7 (70 lessons)

Bootcamp Core Training

Level 1-7 (70 lessons)

/ 1000+ Training Modules 1000+ Training Modules
/ All Levels Core Training All Levels Core Training
/ 52+ Expert Classes Per Year 200+ Expert Classes Per Year
Websites Websites Websites
Beginner Website & Hosting Package ($29/m value) Intermediate Website & Hosting Package ($100/m value) Advanced Website & Hosting Package ($250/m value)
Website Builder Website Builder Website Builder
1 Free Website 3 Premium Websites 10 Premium Websites
Hosting Security Suite Enhanced Hosting Security Suite Advanced Hosting Security Suite
Free SSL Free SSL Free SSL
/ And much more – check here And much more – check here
Support Support Support
7 Days 24/7 Live Help Unlimited 24/7 Live Help Unlimited 24/7 Live Help
7 Days Questions & Answers Unlimited Questions & Answers Unlimited Questions & Answers
7 Days Personal Blog Private Messaging Private Messaging
Personal Blog & Profile Personal Blog & Profile Personal Blog & Profile
/ Unlimited Community Communication Unlimited Community Communication
/ Feedback Platform Feedback Platform
/ / Priority Expert Private Help
Research Research Research
Jaaxy Starter (free) Jaaxy Lite ($19/m value) Jaaxy Enterprise ($99/m value)
30 Keyword Searches Unlimited Keyword Searches Unlimited Keyword Searches
Affiliate Program Search Manual Competition Analysis Instant Competition Analysis


Keyword Idea Generation (390 results) Keyword Idea Generation (1300 results)
/ And much more – check here

And much more – check here


You can register for free at Wealthy Affiliate. The starter membership allows you to test the platform without any risk. 

Once you’re certain about it, you can upgrade to the premium membership and achieve great success. You can also subscribe for a whole year immediately.


I’ve tried various training and platforms online, and the worst experience was outdated lessons and training. However, on the WA platform, the lessons are constantly updated to keep up with the evolving technology and online business trends. 

What worked five years ago may not work today, and that’s another advantage of this platform—it always provides up-to-date training.

When we consider everything included with a premium membership, it becomes evident that other platforms, hosting, site security, and training can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. 

In contrast, the premium membership on the WA platform is only $49 per month.

Join the Wealthy Affiliate platform here—without any risk.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program

In addition to its training and resources, Wealthy Affiliate also has its affiliate program, which allows members to earn additional income by promoting the platform. 

As a Wealthy Affiliate affiliate, you can earn commissions for referring new members who sign up for premium memberships.

The affiliate program offers competitive commission rates, and the platform provides various promotional materials, tracking tools, and support to help you succeed as an affiliate.

Whether you want to focus solely on building your own online business or also earn income through affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program can be a valuable opportunity.

What if Wealthy Affiliate Isn’t for Me?

Wealthy Affiliate caters to everyone aspiring to establish an online business. 

It is suitable for:

  • parents
  • seniors
  • youths
  • stay-at-home moms
  • stay-at-home dads
  • full-time employees
  • part-time employees
  • freelancers
  • etc.

Irrespective of whether you currently hold a 9-5 job, Wealthy Affiliate can assist you in achieving financial independence through the acquisition of knowledge on generating passive income via affiliate marketing. 

By joining, you will gain the skills necessary to construct your own online business.

Whether you opt to dedicate part-time hours or pursue it full-time without a regular job, Wealthy Affiliate’s potency and its potential to transform your financial circumstances will become evident.

Furthermore, Wealthy Affiliate appeals to individuals seeking flexible work arrangements.

As your own boss, you possess the freedom to determine your work hours and workload.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? Debunking the Myths of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. 

It is a legitimate company that teaches individuals how to start their own online business and earn passive income on the Internet.

One aspect I particularly appreciate about Wealthy Affiliate is the absence of false promises regarding quick online cash. It requires time and patience to witness significant results and see money flowing into your bank account.

Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, are honest individuals who have dedicated themselves to assisting people like you and me in securing a better financial future through online business creation.

Personally, I have been a Premium member of this platform for 3 years, and thanks to the training, support, and mentorship provided by Wealthy Affiliate, I am now earning a full-time income online. 

I have no intention of leaving because this platform has truly transformed my life.

Rest assured, once you join this platform and become a part of its community, you will instantly fall in love with it. The members are always ready to lend a helping hand and address any questions or concerns you may have.

When evaluating companies and platforms, I rely on Trustpilot, a website where real people share authentic reviews and provide ratings for various companies.

As of now, there are 561 reviews of Wealthy Affiliate on Trustpilot. I encourage you to visit the website and explore the experiences people have had with this platform.

Take a look at the images below to see a selection of reviews taken from Trustpilot.



How Soon Will the Cash Flow?

From 3 to 6 months. It depends on your dedication.

You may be thinking, “Why does it take so long? I want to earn money quickly!” 

Trust me, there’s a simple answer. This process is about learning how to achieve success and profitability, and that takes time. Without knowledge and guidance, quick money-making is a challenge.

Wealthy Affiliate provides comprehensive step-by-step training. However, it requires patience. You’ll gain insights into creating a lucrative website, mastering SEO, and excelling in affiliate marketing. To attain success, you must allow yourself time.


Even within the first month of training, you’ll witness remarkable progress! Give yourself a minimum of 3-4 months, and your online accomplishments will exceed your expectations.


Take a leap of faith and embark on this transformative journey today.

Do I Wholeheartedly Recommend Wealthy Affiliate?

Absolutely YES!


Since its inception in 2005, this platform has maintained consistent pricing without any increases, as promised by its creators. With continuous advancements and updates, rest assured that you’ll receive top-notch quality.

If you’re eager to kickstart your online business, seize this opportunity without delay.


Expect exceptional quality and a comprehensive toolkit for achieving online success, including:

  • Training courses
  • Hosting and domains
  • Websites
  • Research tools
  • Live community assistance
  • Technical support
  • Private coaching
  • And much more!


The key takeaway is that people are achieving success on Wealthy Affiliate. You won’t encounter any scams or similar issues. Simply follow the training they provide, and you’re good to go.


This platform has transformed numerous lives, and it can do the same for you. Particularly in terms of finances, Wealthy Affiliate teaches us how to generate a passive income online by building niche websites and earning affiliate commissions.


Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend this platform to anyone eager to establish a sustainable online business and cultivate long-term income.

The Final Curtain Call: Concluding Our Odyssey

Wealthy Affiliate is among the top platforms for creating an online business and learning to earn money on the Internet. People worldwide have found success and made money with Wealthy Affiliate, and you can too with your time and energy investment.

This platform is completely legitimate, offering training that delivers guaranteed results. 


Everything you need is conveniently available in one place. The best part is that you can try it for free without upgrading to the Premium membership plan.

I sincerely hope this review has provided you with all the information you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re interested in joining, simply click the link below. Feel free to leave any questions you may have!

I have so much to write for now and if anyone wants to contact me, feel free to leave a comment I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible and be your mentor in the future 🙂 Zveki.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Now! No Credit Card Required!

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