Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Software Platforms To Increase Sales In 2023

Not all the purchases made from your online business need to be the product of your own advertising activities.

Affiliate marketing is among the most profitable forms of passive income. It allows companies to advertise their products through affiliates in exchange for a commission. That greatly expands the audience base for less money and risk than traditional marketing. In this article, we’ll list the top 10 affiliate marketing software platforms to increase sales in 2023.

You require a tool to build unique links, monitor commissions, and pay affiliates if you want to join the fray and start your own affiliate marketing business. In order to free up time to devote to jobs with a more remarkable effect, the software is available to help.

That being said, adopting affiliate marketing technology is a crucial technique for creating a powerful affiliate marketing campaign. Here are the top 10 affiliate marketing software platforms to increase sales in 2023 and manage your campaigns:

1. Refersion
2. Awin
3. Impact
4. Affise
5. Cake
6. ClickBank
7. FlexOffers
8. CJ Affiliate
9. ShareASale
10. TopFiliate

Software for Affiliate Marketing: What Is It?

Software for Affiliate Marketing assists companies in controlling and monitoring the performance of their affiliate programs.

This process includes onboarding, monitoring and reporting on sales and clicks, monitoring referrals, increasing site traffic, and distributing commissions. Knowing which efforts work can help you develop your affiliate marketing campaign more successfully.

Numerous performance indicators, including CR, CTR, CPM, eRPM, EPC, and many more may be used to present the data. The three most significant benefits of employing these platforms’ services are automation, monitoring, and scam detection.

What Are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Software?

You need efficient tools to develop your affiliate network, increase brand awareness, and track your campaigns, whether you’re an experienced post-affiliate pro or considering creating your own affiliate program from scratch. You actually need to have substantial affiliate marketing tools available.

In this article, we’ll look at the qualities to seek in affiliate marketing software and present you the 10 best products available to help you increase sales in 2023 in affiliate marketing.

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Software Solutions In 2023

There are many options available for affiliate marketing software. We’ve found some of the top affiliate marketing solutions to help you scale your affiliate marketing business in 2023:

1. Refersion

Refersion has been in operation for more than seven years and has served more than 20,000 customers, making it one of the best affiliate marketing software applications out there.

With its extensive and highly configurable interface, brands can manage every aspect of their affiliate program, including keeping a record of every affiliate engagement and conducting full real-time reporting.

Refersion offers one of the largest affiliate marketplaces for companies to search and interface with all the leading e-commerce SaaS systems. With some of the top scam detection and security capabilities on the market, it gives businesses peace of mind.

If I had to pick one thing, I may say that its pricing isn’t the most affordable in comparison to some of the other platforms on our list. However, at $89 a month, Refersion is the only affiliate marketing program that provides the same level of premium affiliate capabilities, a marketplace, and customer support.

2. Awin

In order to become one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks with more than 200,000 marketers and over 15,000 advertisers, Awin, formerly known as Zanox, joined Affilinet in 2017.

It has a few of the marketing and reporting functions you might anticipate from such a big network. However, it lacks several fundamental affiliate capabilities you may anticipate, such as fraud detection security or affiliate monitoring.

Awin offers free registration. However, the platform does not charge a fixed monthly fee due to its performance-based payment strategy. Brands instead pay a fixed cost for each acquisition.

Marketers can monitor and adjust campaign results in real-time thanks to a simple and user-friendly interface and a robust reporting suite.

You control the flow of visitors from your fan pages to your website, which serves as a route for promoting your service and allows you to manage your commissions and performance precisely. Being able to drive high-quality visitors to the website you promote has been ideal for your marketers since it has helped us to improve the traffic to our site.

3. Impact

The Impact platform is one of the most widely used cloud-based software programs for affiliate marketing. Brands may create automated affiliate or influencer marketing programs using the company’s patented Impact Partnership Cloud.

It provides companies with a respectable marketplace, marketing resources, and analytics to monitor and control their affiliate programs.

However, pricing is not commonly accessible and needs to be provided individually.

4. Affise

Affise is a fantastic option for agencies who handle several affiliate programs on an Enterprise level because of its user-friendly and highly configurable interface.

It has strong integration with third-party SaaS services and may be accessible through the web, cloud, or SaaS. Affise’s intelligent targeting tool, which enables audience targeting using factors like geolocation, device, language, or device connection speed, is a notable feature.

Powerful reporting and monitoring capabilities are also available through Affise.

However, most of the companies with affiliate programs find it to be less affordable due to its $499 monthly beginning fee. Agency and brand-level enterprises are more suited for it.

5. Cake

In addition to lead generation and omnichannel marketing, Getcake offers performance marketing tools to monitor, manage, and assess the campaign’s success and enables sponsors, partners, and ad networks to improve it.

With the help of more than a dozen partners, Cake is able to provide a range of simplified and automated tools, but its live monitoring and tracking features are what really set it apart from the competition. With these features, companies can instantly improve their affiliate efforts.

Cake’s website doesn’t provide prices and requests a personalized estimate instead.

It also lacks any pre-built marketing promotion capabilities. Therefore, it’s not the best option for new users who are just getting started with affiliate networks.

6. ClickBank

Launched in 1998, ClickBank was among the earliest affiliate platforms. It has expanded to become one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces, with more than 200 million users.

Brands that offer continuous subscription services can get native support from ClickBank.

It makes it simple for marketers to develop recurring, one-click transactions, enabling them to provide subscription services without requesting manual monthly payments.

It lacks a demo, free trial, and monthly payment options as compared to the majority of the other affiliate platforms on our list. However, you can check the video below. It explains how ClickBank functions and how you can make money as a beginner through it.

As an alternative, ClickBank takes a one-time activation fee and a non-negotiable fee of 7.5% + $1 per transaction.

7. FlexOffers

A multifaceted solution provider for brands, marketers, and publishers, FlexOffers is an award-winning affiliate program network. To form successful alliances, users have access to a variety of marketing, data, distribution, and payment alternatives.

Customers may adhere to marketing guidelines and increase their reach with the help of more than 12,000 affiliate programs and an ever-growing selection of applications, such as content feeds and text links.

8. CJ Affiliate


Hundreds of marketplaces and brands are accessible with CJ Affiliate on a single platform. In addition to several reports and specialized tools, it offers a customizable dashboard.

Particularly notable is the fact that CJ Affiliates provides specific solutions, including Deep Link Automation and Product Widgets, that let companies increase the ROI of their affiliate program.

By leveraging their partner’s content, companies may increase lead generation with CJ Affiliate. The cost is only available through a custom proposal, and there is no demo or free trial available.

9. ShareASale

Online businesses may access more than 225,000 affiliate partners globally through ShareASale’s network. The program, which was created as a service for agencies, retailers, and affiliates, delivers cutting-edge tech with real-time analytics into performance indicators, affiliate partner behavior, and customized diagnostics.

You and your affiliates might communicate more easily thanks to ShareASales’ user-friendly interface. You will have full control over the configuration of your program, including the duration of your report and the data to track.

Automated marketing emails on the platform may save you time, and configurable commissions and affiliate incentives can encourage your affiliates.

10. TapFiliate

Tapfiliate may be a fantastic option for companies who run primarily on e-commerce SaaS platforms and get their money from them.

It has an automated mode that can handle tasks like drip advertising, social media sharing, and onboarding new affiliates.

Advanced reporting and tracking capabilities are available through Tapfiliate, but the majority of the features are only available through the Pro plan, which begins at $149 per month.

Starting at $89 per month is the Essential plan.


Investing in one of these solutions greatly simplifies administering your affiliate program and affiliates. You’ll have more time after that to concentrate on discovering the best affiliates and developing engaging content.

Having that said, spend some time learning about all of the tools that are accessible. There are numerous software options available, even though we only highlighted ten. At the very least, the ideal tool should be able to generate links and banner ads and handle administrative responsibilities.

Brands can quickly start affiliate programs and track the referrals and sales generated by their affiliate partners, thanks to excellent affiliate software solutions. They should have access to all the resources they require to create, advertise, and expand their affiliate program with excellent affiliate marketing software.

In addition, they have to offer flexible and user-friendly reporting tools that let businesses monitor the effectiveness of their affiliate programs in real time. After all, companies cannot accurately evaluate the effectiveness and profitability of their affiliate programs and collaborations without dependable tracking and reporting tools.

More than 80% of companies currently use affiliate programs, so if you still have doubts about starting affiliate marketing, think about this. Additionally, approximately 40% of marketers concur that it’s one of the best marketing techniques for luring new clients. There isn’t much to lose by giving it a try, as you only pay for authentic results.

That’s all I have to write for now, and if anyone wants to contact me, feel free to ask me anything in the comments. I wish you success and good health. 🙂 Zveki.

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  1. Hi Zveki,
    Once again, I learned a lot from your article as it enlightened me beyond the few platforms that I am familiar with!

    I will certainly be looking into Affise, Impact, Cake, Flex Offers and TapFiliate.
    I am planning to incorporate ClickBank into my current listing, and being able to better understand how to go about doing so from the video is super helpful.

    Of the 10 platforms you have listed, which are the top 3? Or is your listing already based on that.

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    1. You have top 10 options, it is best to look at everything in detail and choose what suits you best for your type of business. Thank you for your comment and I wish you success and good health. 🙂

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    I like your top 10 affiliate marketing software selections. I was expecting wealthy affiliates will be on your list then I eventually saw it in your conclusion. After reading through all the affiliate software that you have carefully selected, I observed that they’re all different except a few that offer the same service. This makes it easy for people to choose their preferred affiliate marketing software based on the type of affiliate they run and the kinds of services they’re looking for. For instance, Refersion and Tapfilliate are ideal for companies that run primarily on e-commerce Saas systems. So people in this line know which software to go for.


    1. Yes, of course, here are the top 10 best software platform solutions, so you can choose according to your own taste what suits you best. 🙂 Thank you for your comment and I wish you success 🙂

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