Why a logo is important?

Why is the logo important and a priority?

Logo as an integral part of a successful business

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Therefore, at the very beginning of your online business, you need to create a logo. If you are not familiar with why the logo is very important? I will explain in the rest of this article.

Your logo grabs the attention of your potential clients.

So, we can safely say that a logo is a combination of colors, symbols, and graphics. A logo is the visual identity of your brand and can intrigue your customers when they visit your company. Read more

A well-designed logo is synonymous with your brand or company.

If we look at it from the marketing side, a logo is an example of where your potential customers form an opinion about your company.

We can divide the logo into several categories

So, did you know that there are several different types of logos?

1. Монограм лого 

This type of logo usually consists of the letters or initials of your brand.

These can be the initials of well-known companies. These can be long names, but that’s why initials are used to identify brands.

This is an easy way to recognize a brand or company name if the name is too long.

For example, the abbreviation (NASA) or (HBO), etc… These are just some of the simple examples if we choose this type of logo.

2. A coat of arms or emblem 

This is certainly the oldest type of logo in the form of a coat of arms, an emblem containing the company name.

We can see that often schools, colleges, and various institutions use this type of logo because it represents tradition and history with finely cut lines and drawings.

If you want to show the durability and quality of your brand, this method is excellent, but we must know that at a distance the marks are not easily visible. Also, on the website, it is not always clearly visible.

The advantage that this logo has is that the coat of arms represents the icons within the emblem and radiates tradition with persistence and quality, and we have already mentioned the flaws in the text.

3. Abstract logo

An abstract type of logo consists mainly of some geometric shape and certain colors.

So the logo must be unique something that has not been seen so uniqueness is imperative.

When you create an abstract logo, it must evoke emotion as well as a thought. It is not easy for everyone to understand and not everyone will understand in the same way.

When the logo appears and is released to the public, no one will be able to copy it, and it means the intention and what it was inspired by. Thus, the brand will be able to stand out with its appearance and unique design from the very beginning.

An abstract logo has the great advantage of quick recognition. For example, if it is a sports type of brand such as Adidas, Reebook, Nike, or others. It is enough to look at the sign and we will immediately know what kind of stamp it is.

This will mean that if we choose an abstract logo, its uniqueness must be immediately recognizable as the identification of a particular brand.

4. Combination of logos

Here it is necessary to use imagination and be creative.

We have many examples of cosmetics and various food products where we can see the image and the text and so quickly recognize what it is about and what brand it is.

This type of combination logo is versatile and easily recognizable. Let’s take the example of milk chocolate on the packaging, we have a drawing of a cow and text 🙂

Find inspiration and choose the best type of logo that suits you for your company.

There are several more categories of logos, but I have listed the popular ones that are generally used most when it comes to big brands.

The hidden meaning of the colors on the logos of famous brands

An important element of the brand logo

The visual appearance of a brand logo tells which company is behind that appearance.

A lot needs to be done to design a good and unique logo, but one of the most important factors is the colors. Why the colors? because colors are an important factor that potential buyers will pay attention to and remember certain colors well.

If you are interested in who is behind such a good design with hidden colors we can talk a little about it. 🙂

Many studies have shown that certain decisions come from our conscious and subconscious parts in a large percentage, precisely colors play a big role that can attract or reject the attention of clients.

So, the fact is that each color has its own meaning and symbol of what it can represent.

The meaning of the colors of world brands

Colors attract attention and arouse emotions

Red color

Everyone knows that this color symbolizes love and evokes strong emotions. 🙂

It is also widely known that this color indicates the color of the heart and accelerates the work of the pulse, and indicates strong energy.

Many restaurants have a red display because every logo of a restaurant or food establishment usually has a red mark and the owners know very well that this color attracts customers.

Green color

The color green represents nature, represents youth, and a healthy environment, and is suitable when it comes to organic products.

The color green is also associated with money and wealth, so we can see this color in many successful and rich companies.

Blue color

The blue color represents calmness and is not very aggressive. This color is equally important for women as it is for men. We all know that the color blue represents the sky, the sea, and the ocean, and therefore it represents calmness, safety, and beauty.

Yellow color

It is known that the yellow color represents happiness, laughter, and optimism. We know that the sun is yellow, when we text someone a smiley is also yellow, this color encourages us to warm ourselves 🙂 to communicate better with people.

The yellow color of a company or brand signifies positivity and attracts customers in a special way. This color plays a big role when customers make a purchase decision.

black color

Black color represents elegance, seriousness, and exclusivity.

Many well-known brands choose this color in order to let customers know that it is about quality, seriousness, and exclusivity. Maybe at first glance, this color looks ordinary and simple, but it hides exactly these qualities that we have mentioned, as well as glamour, of course.

This color of a strong brand sends a clear message to its customers that it is not necessary to display a bright color, but a simple elegant color is sufficient, which certainly guarantees quality because it is already a well-known brand in the world.

The hidden meaning of the brand

Famous brands with a hidden meaning

Amazon is probably one of the biggest e-commerce giants in the world.

This company has a simple recognizable logo, but you may not have known or noticed its hidden meaning. 🙂 Take a good look at this simple logo made up of two colors, black, and orange. 

The black color represents printing, and the orange arrow means that you can get literally everything from A to Z in this company, and you can see how the arrow stretches into a semicircle like a smiley, which also means that the customers are happy and smiling. 🙂

Yellow and red colors attract special attention. The yellow color represents the mountain and the red text. If you didn’t know why it’s so yellow, and you’re a big fan of this candy, it’s because the main ingredient of this chocolate is honey. 🙂 You probably haven’t noticed yet why the bear is standing upright on the mountain. because the bear represents the city of Bern in Switzerland where this chocolate is produced.

There is probably no person who does not like this Swiss chocolate and its honey taste. 🙂

This is a really interesting logo with well-thought-out details combined with dominant colors. It represents the city, the state, the color, and of course the famous Toblerone honey chocolate. 🙂

LG is a well-known South Korean company that produces a variety of telephones, televisions, and many other electronic devices.

This logo is formed to look like a human face. You can see the dot on the left which represents the eye and then the nose, the mouth gives the impression that you are looking at someone’s face. This is a simple but quite popular logo brand in the world. 🙂

Ово су само неки од логотипа познатих брендова, има их много, али сада знамо да се иза многих крије неко скривено значење које можемо приметити само ако пажљиво погледамо и протумачимо сваки посебно. 🙂

Надам се да вам се свиђа овај мој мали чланак. 🙂 Ако неко жели може да ме контактира или да ми остави коментар, а ја ћу се потрудити да одговорим у најкраћем могућем року. Желим вам успех и добро здравље. 🙂 Звеки…

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12 thoughts on “Why a logo is important?”

  1. A very good explanation of why having a logo is important. Yes, it is a part of brand’s visual identity, but today when social media, websites, and all those digital platforms where we present our brands is in the game, visual identity is much more than just a logo. It is the colors that you mentioned, too, fonts, other visual elements. Some brands are so recognizable that I don’t even have to see their logo, I will know it is their product, their Instagram post, or whatever. The message the brand is sending to its audience is also a part of their brand, but that’s another topic. It is great to read articles like this.

    1. Of course, the logo is the visual identity of the brand and a matter of taste, how will the logo look in combination with colors, letters, and so on, but we should not ignore the fact that why is the logo important? if we want to build a brand in the future, then it must be recognizable. 🙂 Thank you for your comment and I wish you success.

  2. Hi Zveki, Yes I think the first thing I done when I launched my website was invest in a logo. £5 I paid someone on Fiverr to do this for me. Like was one of the first things I thought was about branding. So I knew logos were important before but definitely now I know a bit more. Can you recommend any good services for logos – jus out of curiosity?

  3. It is amazing how many websites I see that don’t have a proper logo on them. I designed a logo for brand after my website was already created and even though I have it on my business cards and social media pages (even my email signature), I have not yet integrated it into my website! I thought I knew all this stuff but I guess I needed this reminder today! You did a great job explaining all the many important reason why every brand needs a logo, thank you very much for your article.

    1. Yes, of course the logo is needed at the very beginning while you are building your brand and the logo is the identification of your brand. 🙂I wish you success and health 🙂

  4. Logos are one the things that make your company stand out. If you happen to make your logo first then you will have an advantage.
    We made our logo stand out so that we grab people’s attention. The colors are making our audience draw closer and make them make their decision. You did break it down for us of why a logo is important for our business.


    1. Yes, of course the logo is the identification of your brand, and over time you can correct and embellish your logo even better if necessary? 🙂 Thank you for your comment and wish you success and health 🙂

  5. Hi There! What an insight into the logo creation! I agree that logo is something very important and very brand or individual doing business, should have one. Something that will be unique, and people will associate quickly and easily. I have to say whenever I find a website that has no logo on it, it feels very hollow and therefore, chances of me coming back are lower. Really appreciate that you took your time and explained the categories of logos, color structure and meaning, and also some meaning behind logos (LG one is hilarious). Thanks a lot for
    Your valuable blog post

    1. I wrote simply and I hope easy to understand for everyone. This can be a much more extensive topic, but basically, you have everything about how and where to place a good logo that will draw the attention of your potential customers to remember your brand. And of course, they come back to you on your website. 🙂 Thank you for your comment and I wish you success and health 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing this very informative article. I agree that logos are very important, especially for businesses.

    A logo is an essential part of a company’s brand identity and can be a powerful marketing tool. It can help customers to immediately recognise your company and what it stands for.
    A well-designed logo can also convey positive messages about your brand, instilling confidence in potential customers.


    1. Yes, of course, I agree that a logo is absolutely necessary for a successful online business. It’s just a matter of what kind of logo you want for your business and your brand identity. You can see in the article I explained what logos are available to you. I wish you luck and a successful online business. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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