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Welcome, dear friends. 

Today we can talk about how to turn a successful online business with a laptop. In the continuation of this text I will explain step by step How to start a laptop business considering that online business is more and more popular and we can literally work wherever we are in the world and we do not need any great knowledge, we only need dedication, persistence, perseverance and we will succeed for sure

Content writing

So today there are literally countless ways and what we can do but we can start with content writing, this way of online business is very popular, many companies hire writers for content writing because good texts build trust and certainly increase traffic on google.

If we want to avoid a lot of crowd and competition we can help many companies with content writing blogs so for this type of business I only need one business laptop 🙂

Digital Marketing

This is also one of the better business ideas if we want to help small and big companies and if we master some basic digital marketing skills we can start SEO optimization

We can manage social media to track engagements and manage social media analytics

We can also drive traffic to the site through advertising and pay-per-click PPC

we can do email marketing by sending emails to current customers and potential customers

if we are good and experts in digital marketing we can be very popular in small and big companies

Graphic design

Many marketing experts claim that visual appearance and content are very important for a successful online business and especially infographics can increase web traffic graphic design is also used to create logos and book covers so if you are good at graphic design you will be well-paid and popular Read more


if you open an online store you don’t have a big risk like it used to be you can set up an online store on famous sites and famous companies like eBay amazon Shopify and so on you can sell through Facebook Instagram

This type of market has grown and is very popular so if you find yourself here you can make a lot of money if you are diligent and stand above your competition 🙂 These are just some business ideas that you can pursue in the near future.


If you have talents in foreign languages you can work as a translator for many companies that need these types of services you can work with business partners who are employed abroad.

Technology has advanced a lot so you have the option of a Google translator and you can translate professionally for various large companies this type of service is popular in several continents America Europe and Asia. Read more

Online consulting business ideas

Online consultant

If you are talented in some specific fields you can work online as a consultant for many companies

Based on some global statistics this type of field is very profitable many large and small companies spend huge amounts of money on consultants and their professional help.

today you really have many opportunities to start a laptop biznis model.


When you finally find your niche and area of what you are going to do then it can be much more than a hobby, for example, you can make a podcast.

So, podcasting can serve to build good relationships with your potential clients in addition to the laptop biznis you need audio-video equipment, which will of course be necessary if you decide to do this type of business, but immediately you know that the earnings are not as high as in affiliate marketing because of the low market. Read more

Virtual Assistant

Many entrepreneurs in their online business hire virtual assistants to help in certain areas, this is very popular and will be even more popular in the near future. If you make a website you can offer different services like translator email marketing affiliate marketing and so on and get a lot of potential customers that way.

These are just some of the business ideas you can implement with the laptop biznis model 🙂

Business ideas you can do from home

How can you start a blog?

There are many examples and evidence that blogging has changed the life of many who have decided and dedicated themselves to this type of business.

S,o when you choose a niche area to write about, it can be about pets, health, beauty, face care, affiliate marketing, sports, and many, many different areas in which you are good and talented, and the best thing is to find what you like. 🙂

You will need patience because the real results will come only after a few months when you get solid traffic on your blog and get your audience and of course, you will get a lot of confidence when you start blog monetization.

I can highly recommend the best platform in the world where you can go step by step with your blog, this is my number one recommendation 1.

It’s a platform Wealthy Affiliate 

We must clarify right away that blogging here is not a system and a get-rich-quick scheme, you need hard work, in the beginning, to eventually achieve such results that you have lifelong passive income, of course, there will be ups and downs, nervousness, impatience, but keep your patience and never give up.

Internet marketing strategies blog

How affiliate marketing works

The most popular way to make money blogging is definitely absolutely affiliate marketing

I will explain in the rest of this text How affiliate marketing actually works :

  •  You are a writer or blogger and a partner of a certain company

  •  You get an affiliate link and every time you mention a company with your affiliate link, you expect a potential client.

  •  When someone clicks on that affiliate link of yours you get a certain commission from the company.

You also need to know that you are posting content regularly and that it maintains and increases your traffic on Google.

For all this, you need a laptop biznis and you will earn on which companies you have joined it can be Amazon Apple, Reebok Nike, Adidas Clickbank Awin, and many more.

  •  Sponsoring and publishing

You can get paid to write blogs and content for a company and promote them. You can do this through social media or email. In this way, companies have a new audience and of course even more traffic.

So bloggers increase brand awareness with a new audience, and of course, companies pay for all of this. Bloggers can earn from 250 to 350 dollars per sponsored article, if your website is growing and increasing then, of course, the earnings are higher you can have over 1000 dollars per post, etc.

If you get into this type of business, you need to know your audience and provide them with texts and posts that will really help them, and before any post, it’s best to test everything first in order to better achieve the goal and, of course, better results.

In order not to have problems with certain companies, you must first carefully analyze everything so that it also contributes to your brand. And so you will build even greater trust with your loyal audience.

Courses online

We can noticed that in the last few years it is popular with many bloggers, and it is about online courses that can be very lucrative and profitable.

Online courses vary in price and can be hundreds and thousands of dollars, especially if the right solution is offered for a specific audience that is looking for that type of course.

We can take the example of( Lap Top Empires) Laptop Empires Here in this course, people can learn how to make extra income and earn big money.

When you create a course, you transfer your knowledge and experience to others, but it must be 100% legitimate and accurate. Otherwise, you may lose your reputation and your audience. You will have a huge profit if people achieve success through your course, and you will have even more referrals and of course a better rating.

So these are just some examples of where you can start with your laptop biznis model as a blogger. 🙂

Now you know that you can make money online with your laptop business, but only if you have a blog and how you start it, you have to be dedicated, and persistent.

Today in the world there is literally an information war, we can win and be above our competition only if we carefully measure three times, and only cut once. 🙂

There is a saying that “the greatest adventure in life is when a man knows himself” 🙂 

If we gradually go step by step and find a (niche) area that we will deal with, we can embark on a business adventure laptop business and finally get to know our talents, which we will develop even better and stronger over time, and the same time help your loyal audience: -)

That’s all I have to write you for now and I hope you like this little article. If anyone wants to, they can contact me and leave a comment, and I will do my best to answer you as soon as possible. I wish you success and good health. 🙂 Zveki…

My #1 recommendation 

Wealthy Affiliate

4 thoughts on “Lap Top Business”

  1. Hello Zveki,

    This is a great article and guide on how to jumpstart your online business. The amount of information here and all the possibilities that you can go to are vital for those that are interested.

    I too am a member of WA and I just want to reiterate that businesses, whether online or brick and mortar depend on your hard work and dedication. It is not always a guaranteed success, but all those who succeed did the hard work. It all start with a passion. Build trust and branding first and not focus on your first sale.

    Thank you for reminding why I engaged in this endeavor in the first place.

    1. Yes, of course, I agree, you should focus on building your brand and gaining the trust of your audience, and you should also help many people find the right solution for what they are looking for. And in the end, of course, if you persist then comes the reward of monetization Thank you for your comment and I wish you success and good health.

  2. Hey,

    This is a great article in helping people who want to satrt a business online. The ideas in this article gives people lots of options and I hope they choose the right one for them.

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a good #1 option as I am a member too and I can always highly recommend it. So far it has helped me so much and I love utilising the great features it has.

    Keep sharing these very helpful and informative articles.

    All the best,


    1. Yes, of course, W. A. is my number 1 recommendation if we follow everything step by step and train patiently and dedicated success is guaranteed for everyone. Thank you for your comment and I wish you success and health.

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